Ultra Light Weight Textile

By using 7D, 10D, 15D, 20D Nylon/ Polyester yarns, Erictex develops an ultra soft and light weight series fabric. Our high-density fabrics are able to pass 90/10 or 80/20 down proof by construction. This down proof effect is also to be achieved by very light and soft coating. The down proof fabrics are suitable for many outdoor wears and equipment, particularly in sleeping bags, golfing, light weight jackets and down jackets.

Technical Performance Textile

By adding breathable coating/lamination on fabric, Erictex develops fabrics to contain high waterproof and moisture permeability which can block out rain and snow while let sweat vapor go outside of body to keep body dry and warm. Fabrics in this category come in many types of weight, patterns and finish ways. You can enjoy wonderful time during exercise and all kinds of outdoor activities even in critical weather.

Knit Textile

By using the special yarn and variety functional finishing, Erictex’s knitted fabrics not only meet the basic requirement, being soft and comfortable, but also achieve higher technical and sophistication. Better performance and comfort allows us quickly and comprehensively advance users experience.

Casual Textile

To feel cozy and comfortable in different circumstance, Erictex launch into a series of affordable fabrics combined function and beauty. Fabrics in sorts of materials and functions are used with no limits but catching your eyes, increasing the delight and ease whenever wearing.

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